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MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag Review

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The MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag is recognized for its excellent value for money, offering a blend of affordability, performance, and versatility for outdoor enthusiasts. This sleeping bag stands out for its adaptability to various power sources, including USB, making it convenient for extended outdoor activities. It features five USB-powered heating pads strategically placed at the shoulder, chest, hip, and feet to provide optimal warmth and comfort throughout the night. Despite its impressive features, it’s lightweight and compact, weighing just 3.6lbs, which makes it easy to carry on your adventures.

Key specifications include three heat settings ranging from low (104-113°F) to high (122-131°F), accommodating campers up to 6.8 feet tall, with dimensions of 90 x 36 inches (top width) and 20 inches (bottom width). However, a notable drawback is the requirement for a reliable 5V/2A USB power supply, which is not included in the purchase.

Additionally, the bag may not be suitable for extreme cold temperatures and requires careful washing, preferably by hand, to prolong its lifespan​​​​​​.
Compared to other options on the market, the MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag is praised for its versatility in heating options, quality of materials, and extended battery life when used with an appropriate power bank. Despite some limitations, such as the absence of a battery and smaller heat zones, its performance and comfort make it a worthy addition to your camping or hiking gear, especially for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising quality​​.

MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag:
Our Comprehensive Guide to Reviews and Buying Information

The MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag merges comfort with technological innovation, offering outdoor enthusiasts a reliable way to stay warm during chilly nights in the wilderness. This guide consolidates reviews and buying information to help you make an informed decision.

Key Points:

  • Versatile Heating: The MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag stands out for its adaptability to various power sources, including USB, with five heating pads placed at strategic body points for optimal warmth.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Despite its heating capabilities, it remains lightweight at just 3.6 lbs, making it an ideal companion for hikers and campers looking to minimize their load.
  • Size and Comfort: Designed to accommodate individuals up to 6.8 feet tall, it offers ample space without compromising comfort, featuring three heat settings to cater to personal preferences.
  • Material Quality: The sleeping bag is made from high-quality, water-resistant polyester, ensuring durability and warmth retention.
  • Power Supply and Battery Life: A notable consideration is the need for a separate 5V/2A USB power supply, as the sleeping bag does not have a battery. Users can enjoy extended battery life depending on the chosen temperature setting.
  • Considerations: While offering many benefits, potential buyers should note its limitations in frigid temperatures and the requirement for careful maintenance, including hand washing, to preserve its functionality.

This comprehensive guide reflects insights from multiple sources, aiming to provide a detailed overview of the MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag’s features, benefits, and considerations. Whether planning a camping trip in mild weather or looking for an extra layer of warmth under the stars, this sleeping bag represents a fusion of innovation and practicality for outdoor adventures.


Heated Sleeping Bag


The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag is a cutting-edge solution for campers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort and warmth in cooler climates. It features five built-in heating pads powered via USB, offering three adjustable temperature settings for personalized warmth. It is designed with a large, durable polyester shell. This sleeping bag accommodates users comfortably up to 6.8 feet tall, ensuring a cozy night’s sleep in the great outdoors. Lightweight and portable, it’s an ideal companion for those looking to minimize their load while maximizing comfort and warmth.

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag is an innovative outdoor sleeping solution designed to provide warmth and comfort in various weather conditions. It’s particularly noted for its built-in heating pads, USB power support, multiple temperature settings, and durable construction. Here’s a detailed look into its features and functionalities:

  • 5PCS Built-in Heating Pads: The sleeping bag has five strategically placed heating pads. These pads are located at key body areas to ensure even heat distribution, targeting the shoulders, chest, hip, and feet. This design is intended to provide core body warmth for cold nights outdoors.
  • USB Power Supported: One of the standout features of the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag is its compatibility with USB power sources. This flexibility allows users to connect the sleeping bag to any 5V/2A USB power supply, such as a power bank, car jump starter, or even a cellphone charger. This feature ensures that you can stay warm regardless of being off-grid as long as you have a compatible power source.
  • 3 Temperature Setting: The sleeping bag offers three adjustable heat settings to accommodate personal comfort preferences and varying outdoor temperatures. These settings allow users to customize the level of warmth, making the sleeping bag versatile for different climates and seasons. The temperature ranges typically include low, medium, and high settings, catering to various environmental conditions.
  • Large Size with Durable Polyester Shell: The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag is designed to be spacious, accommodating individuals up to 6.8 feet tall. The dimensions ensure that users have ample room to move and sleep comfortably. It’s constructed with a durable polyester shell, which contributes to the sleeping bag’s longevity and provides water resistance. This material choice helps keep users dry and comfortable, enhancing the sleeping bag’s suitability for outdoor adventures.
  • Practicality and Portability: Despite its advanced features, the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag remains lightweight and portable. Weighing just around 3.6 lbs, it’s designed for easy transport, making it an excellent option for hikers, campers, and anyone looking to minimize their load. Additionally, it’s equipped with a carry bag for convenient packing and transportation.
  • Considerations: While the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag offers numerous benefits, potential users should know a few considerations. The requirement for a separate power source means that one must ensure that one’s power bank or other USB power supplies are capable and fully charged. Moreover, the bag might only provide adequate warmth with additional insulation in icy conditions.

Specifications Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag is a state-of-the-art outdoor gear for adventurers seeking extra warmth during cold nights under the stars. It features five USB-powered heating pads for evenly distributed warmth and three adjustable temperature settings for personalized comfort. It is crafted from durable, water-resistant polyester. Accommodating up to 6.8 feet in height and weighing just 3.6 pounds, it combines spacious comfort with portability. Ideal for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activities, this heated sleeping bag ensures a cozy, warm sleep experience wherever your adventures take you.

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag boasts several features that cater to outdoor enthusiasts seeking warmth and comfort during their adventures. Here’s a summary of its key specifications:

  • Heating Pads: 5 built-in USB-powered heating pads strategically placed to provide warmth across the shoulder, chest, hip, and feet areas.
  • Temperature Settings: Offers three adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to customize the warmth level to their preference and the external conditions.
  • Material: Made with a durable polyester shell noted for its water resistance, it ensures users stay dry and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Size: It is designed to be spacious and can comfortably accommodate individuals up to 6.8 feet tall, providing ample room for movement and restful sleep.
  • Weight: Lightweight at approximately 3.6 pounds, it is an excellent choice for hikers and campers looking to minimize their load.
  • Power Source Compatibility: Supports any 5V/2A USB power source, offering versatility in how it can be powered, including power banks, car jump starters, or cellphone chargers.
  • Portability: Despite its size and heating functionality, it is designed for easy transport, including a carry bag for convenience.


  • USB Power Compatibility: Works with various USB power sources.
  • Customizable Warmth: Features five heating pads for targeted warmth.
  • Portable: Lightweight and comes with a carrying bag.
  • Durable and Waterproof: Made with waterproof polyester.
  • Adjustable Temperature: Suitable for different weather conditions.


  • Unavailable: No information on when it will be back in stock.
  • Single Occupancy: Only for one person.

Not just a regular sleeping bag

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag revolutionizes camping comfort with its five built-in carbon fiber compound heating pads, designed to work with any standard 5V/2A USB power supply. This innovative sleeping bag keeps you warm and comfortable by evenly distributing heat to key body areas including the shoulders, back, hips, and feet. Its large size accommodates individuals up to 6.8 feet tall, while the durable, waterproof polyester shell and lightweight design, complete with a carrying bag, make it an ideal choice for outdoor adventurers seeking warmth and convenience in colder environments.

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag redefines outdoor sleeping by integrating advanced heating technology within its design, making it far more than just a conventional sleeping bag. At its core are five built-in heating pads crafted from a carbon fiber compound that produces heat when connected to any standard 5V/2A USB power supply. This innovative approach ensures that the interior of the sleeping bag remains warm and cozy, providing unparalleled comfort during cold nights in the outdoors.

Heating Pad Distribution

  • Shoulder (1 pad): Specifically designed to provide direct warmth to the shoulder area, enhancing comfort and warmth where it’s often most needed.
  • Back (2 pads): Two pads are allocated for the back area, ensuring even heat distribution across the body’s core, which is vital for maintaining body temperature.
  • Hip (1 pad): Targets the hip area, providing warmth that contributes to overall body comfort and preventing cold spots in the sleeping bag.
  • Foot (1 pad): Dedicated to keeping the feet warm, an area that often feels the cold more acutely, ensuring a snug and comfortable sleeping experience from head to toe.

Major Features

  • 5 Pcs Built-in Heating Pads: These pads are strategically placed to warm key body areas, ensuring a comprehensive warming experience inside the sleeping bag.
  • USB Power Compatibility: The sleeping bag’s heating system is designed to be compatible with any USB power supply that meets the minimum requirement of 5V/2A, offering flexibility in power sources from portable power banks to car chargers.
  • Large Size: Measuring 7.5 feet by 3 feet, it comfortably fits a person up to 6.8 feet tall, providing ample space for movement and relaxation without feeling restricted.
  • Durable Waterproof Polyester Shell: The exterior is made from durable, waterproof polyester, ensuring the sleeping bag can withstand various outdoor conditions while keeping the sleeper dry and comfortable.
  • Lightweight with Carrying Bag: Despite its size and built-in technology, the sleeping bag remains lightweight and comes with its carrying bag, making it easily portable and convenient for all outdoor adventures.

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag is a pinnacle of outdoor gear innovation. Combining the traditional protective features of a sleeping bag with modern heating technology offers outdoor enthusiasts a way to extend their adventures into the colder months without sacrificing comfort. The use of carbon fiber compound heating wires for the pads ensures efficiency, safety, and durability, making this heated sleeping bag a reliable companion for many journeys to come.

Exploring Alternatives Related Products to Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag

Are you looking for alternatives to the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag? Explore a range of options tailored to your camping and outdoor needs. From the Sojoy Heated Sleeping Bag, offering customizable warmth for cold weather adventures, to the TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag, designed for hunting excursions in freezing temperatures, there’s a sleeping solution for every outdoor enthusiast. Discover lightweight and weatherproof options like the SereneLife Backpacking Sleeping Bag or the KingCamp Camping Sleeping Bags, perfect for family camping trips or solo backpacking adventures. Whether you prefer the warmth of cotton flannel or the versatility of solar-powered lighting with the MPOWERD Luci Pro Series Lantern, these alternatives offer comfort, convenience, and performance for your next outdoor escapade.

If you’re interested in exploring alternative products similar to the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag, here are some options you might consider:

KINGS TREK Heated Sleeping Bag: Experience warmth and comfort on your outdoor adventures with the KINGS TREK Heated Sleeping Bag. Designed in a mummy style, this sleeping bag provides snug insulation while the integrated heating system ensures cozy nights even in chilly conditions. With its versatile heating options, including adjustable temperature settings, it’s perfect for camping, hiking, or any cold-weather excursion.

ANTARCTICA Gear Heated Sleeping Bag: Stay warm and toasty in the ANTARCTICA Gear Heated Sleeping Bag. It is engineered for extreme conditions. This sleeping bag combines high-quality materials with advanced heating technology to comfort you in cold environments. Whether camping in the mountains or braving the winter wilderness, this sleeping bag offers reliable warmth and insulation for a restful night’s sleep.

Qutewarm Electric Heated Sleeping Bag: Embrace the warmth of the Qutewarm Electric Heated Sleeping Bag on your outdoor adventures. It features an electric heating system. This sleeping bag delivers customizable warmth to suit your preferences. Its durable construction and ergonomic design make it an ideal choice for cold-weather camping, backpacking, or any outdoor activity where staying warm is essential.

Buying Guide:
Choosing the Right Heated Sleeping Bag

When it comes to outdoor adventures in cold weather, a heated sleeping bag can be a game-changer for staying warm and comfortable throughout the night. Our guide includes key factors, from temperature ratings and heating systems to size, weight, and materials. Whether you’re planning a winter camping trip or braving chilly nights in the wilderness, our guide will help you select the perfect heated sleeping bag to suit your needs and ensure a restful night’s sleep. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the right heated sleeping bag:

  1. Temperature Rating: Consider the sleeping bag’s temperature rating to ensure it can handle the conditions you’ll be facing. Look for bags rated for temperatures lower than what you anticipate encountering to stay warm in colder environments.
  2. Heating System: Pay attention to the heating system of the sleeping bag. Some models come with built-in heating pads or elements that distribute heat evenly throughout the bag, while others may require separate heating pads powered by a portable battery pack. Choose a system that meets your heating needs and preferences.
  3. Power Source: Determine the power source required to operate the heating system. Most heated sleeping bags are compatible with USB power supplies such as power banks or car chargers. Ensure you have the power source available for extended outdoor use.
  4. Size and Weight: Consider the size and weight of the sleeping bag, especially if you’ll be carrying it for long distances or backpacking. Opt for a lightweight, compact design that won’t weigh you down but provides ample insulation and warmth.
  5. Material and Construction: Assess the quality of the materials used in the sleeping bag’s construction. Look for durable and water-resistant outer shells to protect against moisture and keep you dry in damp conditions. Additionally, check the insulation material for its ability to retain heat effectively.
  6. Comfort and Fit: Ensure the sleeping bag provides a comfortable and snug fit to maximize warmth and prevent heat loss. For comfort and convenience, consider features like adjustable hoods, draft tubes, and zippered pockets.
  7. Versatility: Evaluate the versatility of the sleeping bag for different outdoor activities and seasons. Some models may be suitable for winter camping, while others offer features for use in milder conditions or as regular sleeping bags without heating elements.
  8. Price and Value: Determine your budget and compare the features and specifications of different heated sleeping bags. Balance the price with the value and performance you expect to get from the product.

Considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can choose the right heated sleeping bag that meets your needs and provides warmth and comfort during outdoor adventures.

A Glimpse into Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag

Outdoor enthusiasts in frigid locations can enjoy comfort, warmth, and convenience with the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag warms the shoulders, back, hips, and feet with a complex heating system and five pads. Power banks and car chargers may power it via USB for extended outdoor usage.

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag is made of waterproof polyester and retains heat well. Its snug mummy-style construction reduces heat loss and maximizes comfort on cold evenings. Its lightweight and compact design makes the sleeping bag easy to transport and store for backpacking, camping, and cold-weather adventures.

Users can customize their sleeping experience with its wide temperature range and changeable heating settings for a good night’s sleep anywhere. The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag provides warmth, comfort, and peace of mind while camping in the mountains, hiking through snow, or enjoying a backyard bonfire.

Final Thought: Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag

The Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag combines innovation, comfort, and versatility, making it a standout choice for cold-weather camping and outdoor adventures. Its advanced heating system, durable construction, and user-friendly design ensure a cozy and restful night’s sleep, no matter the temperature outside. Whether exploring the wilderness or simply enjoying a backyard campout, the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag provides the warmth and comfort you need for a memorable outdoor experience.

Related Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag:

Q. How does the heating system in the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag work?

A. The sleeping bag features integrated heating pads powered by USB sources such as power banks or car chargers. These heating pads distribute warmth across key body areas, including the shoulders, back, hips, and feet.

Q. Is the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag machine washable?

A. The sleeping bag may not be machine washable due to its integrated heating elements, but it can usually be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance.

Q. What is the temperature range of the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag?

A. The sleeping bag typically has a temperature rating that indicates its suitability for specific weather conditions. Additionally, the heating system usually offers adjustable settings, allowing users to customize the warmth according to their preferences.

Q. Can I use the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag without activating the heating system?

A. Yes, the sleeping bag can be used like a regular one without turning on the heating system. This versatility makes it suitable for use in various climates and conditions.

Q. How long does the heat last on a single charge?

A. The duration of heat provided by the sleeping bag depends on factors such as the capacity of the power source (e.g., power bank) and the selected temperature setting. Higher heat settings may consume more power and result in shorter operating times.

Q. Is the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag suitable for wet conditions?

A. While the sleeping bag’s outer shell is often made of waterproof material to protect against moisture, avoiding submerging it in water or exposing it to heavy rain is essential. A waterproof groundsheet or tent floor can protect the sleeping bag in damp environments.

Q. Can I charge the heating system of the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag using a solar panel?

A. The heating system may sometimes be compatible with solar panels with USB output. However, ensuring that the solar panel can supply the necessary power output for effective charging is crucial.

Q. What is the warranty coverage for the Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag?

A. Warranty coverage varies depending on the manufacturer and retailer. It’s essential to review the warranty terms and conditions provided with the product or contact the manufacturer for specific warranty information.

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