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Write For Us

Welcome to our “Write For Us” page! We’re always looking for talented writers and contributors to help us create engaging and informative content for our readers. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting, we want your ideas and perspectives on various topics. By contributing to our website www.heatedit.com , you can share your expertise, build your portfolio, and connect with a growing community of readers and writers. We’re excited to hear from you and can’t wait to see what you offer!

Write For Us
Write For Us


Write for us each component must connect to winter gear like heated outdoor gear, heated clothing, heated bedding, heated beauty tools, heated home appliances, heated pet products, heated car accessories, heated food and beverage containers, heated massage products, heated office products

Favored Length of Articles

Must have a minimum of 1000 to 1500 Words to Write for us.


Articles that only contain text are insufficient to ones that include images. If you believe that heatedit.com has the legal right to submit photographs, we will comply with your request to do so. However, images must be original or copyright-free to be used.

Superior In Every Way

All submissions must be the author’s original work and have never been published elsewhere. All contributions will be checked for grammar and plagiarism using Grammarly, Copyscape, and Google. We won’t post anything with a less than 95 Grammarly score. We’ll fix it even if you don’t have Grammarly. Articles may be changed at our discretion. At your request, we will gladly discuss the draft with you. If a piece of content is submitted but does not satisfy our standards for quality, we reserve the right not to publish it. The flexibility of the Heated It will allow the author to make any required adjustments. I recommend that you carefully read the “Write for Us” page.


Articles should have a brief overview in the first paragraph, followed by the main content. Also, follow other rules of the Write for Us page.


Up to three links can be included in each article. It is suggested that an industry reference and a “ heated it ” website page be linked. The “do follow” attribute will be applied to all links and must lead to relevant content.

Instructions for Uploading

Articles submitted as Google Docs will be reviewed. However, before submitting a report, we appreciate it when you offer a suggestion or an idea. We can be reached at [email protected] or contact us here.

Within 24 hours, we will get back to you. You can expect to hear from us via email when your submission has been accepted.

Page Importance

A “Write For Us” page is a valuable asset for any website as it offers a platform for writers and contributors to share their ideas and perspectives, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. In addition, by opening up submissions to outside contributors, websites can publish a wider variety of content, keeping the website fresh and engaging to a broader range of readers.

This can be especially valuable for writers looking to build professional profiles and gain exposure to a more general audience. Ultimately, a “Write For Us” page can help attract new readers and followers while providing diverse content that appeals to a broader range of interests and perspectives.

Final Thought

Our “Write For Us” page allows talented writers and contributors to share their ideas and perspectives on various topics related to our website’s niche. We’re looking for high-quality articles that offer informative and engaging content, whether that’s through tutorials, best product lists, new product ideas, buying guides, personal stories, opinion pieces, reviews, or interviews.

Our submission guidelines provide information on the types of articles we’re looking for, our editorial standards, and the process for submitting papers for consideration. We also offer some potential topics of interest for contributors to consider, although we welcome pitches for new and original ideas.

By contributing to our website, writers can build their portfolios, gain exposure, and connect with a growing community of readers and writers. We believe everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we’re excited to hear from diverse voices and perspectives.